Q: What are your delivery times/postage costs?
A: Please see the ORDERING link for information on delivery and postal charges.

Q: What is 16mm?
A: 16mm refers to a scale of 16mm/ft equivalent of 1/19th Scale. The stock generally runs on either 32mm ("O Gauge") track or 45mm track. Please note that the 45mm is still of fairly fine construction unlike heavier "G-Scale" tracks such as LGB. All our rolling stock is made to 16mm/ft scale.

Q: What is G-Scale?
A: G-Scale is generally built to 14mm/ft or 1/22.5 Scale and runs on heavier 45mm Gauge track such as LGB

Q: Is your rolling stock suitable for LGB track?
A: Unfortunately not. Only 32mm and 45mm 16mm tracks.

Q: Is your rolling stock suitable for 45mm gauge track.
A: Unfortunately small Talyllyn wagons will only run on 32mm track. All other rolling stock and locos will run on 45mm track.

Q: What do you get in a kit?
A: Our kits include all wood parts (which are pre-cut and scribed), pre-formed aluminium roofs, all whitemetal detailing parts and axle boxes or bogies. Full instructions are included.

Q: What do I need to complete a kit?
A: Kits require wheelsets and bearings (see individual item for type) and couplings (except small Talyllyn wagons which include coupling hooks). Ready to run prices include wheelsets but not couplings.

Q: What varnish/paints do you use?
A: Details of paints are given in individual kits. Generally we use a Satin Polyurathane Varnish for varnished stock. Automotive paints are used for metal parts. Railmatch spray paints are sometimes used for specific liveries.

Q: What about two rail pick up?
A: Unfortunately the Essel chassis used on the Tram Loco has uninsulated wheelsets so is unsuitable for conversion to two rail pick up. Rolling stock requiring Brandbright wheelsets are also uninsulated unless Tenmille are substituted, unfortunatly we do not stock these ourselves. Small Talyllyn stock which use Slaters wheelsets are suitable having insulated wheelsets but are only available in 32mm Gauge.