FR22 Ffestiniog Railway No. 22 Third Class Bogie Coach
Introduced September 2013 this Ffestiniog Railway coach was one of an original pair, though only one survived to be restored. The coach was known as "The Banana" due to the significant bend that developed in its sides due to a weak underframe. The coach has low slung sides similar to those of the early "bug boxes", the three central doors are full height with the end doors shortened. Supplied as fully glazed with single internal partition. Constructed of mahogany sides together with removable aluminium roof and interior seating. Currently only available as Ready To Run.
Available in 32mm and 45mm gauge.

Dimensions: 480mm Long 96mm Wide 122mm High.
Prices: RTR( Varnished) FR22V £435.00,           RTR Painted (Green/Cream) FR22P £455.00