Tram Locomotive
This freelance wooden tram engine comes as either ready to run, complete kit (includes chassis) or body only kit. The kit consists of 4 plywood carriers onto which the pre-cut and pre-scribed mahoghany sections are glued. The pre-formed aluminium roof is made removable. Whitemetal detailing parts and resin cowcatchers are included. The sturdy and powerful Essel Coupled Chassis has a high quality motor and internal 30:1 gearbox with a bevelled gear drive. 8 AA rechargable batteries (not inc.) give approx. 3 hrs. running time. Our manual speed control unit may be fitted in which case 10AA batteries are required. RTR version and complete kit includes Cast Pewter centre buffer couplings PWC2. An optional manual speed control is available for kit builders.
Dimensions: 273mm Long 105mm Wide 155mm High
Prices: WPTR Tram Ready To Run £345.00.       WPTS Tram Ready to Run with Manual Speed Control £375.00
              WPTK Kit Inc. Chassis £200.00,    WPTB Body Only Kit £110.00        SCU2 Manual Speed Control £40.00 inc Mounting Panel