VR11 Vale of Rheidol Swindon Summer Bogie Coach
The Swindon Summer Coaches were introduced in 1923; this model represents the first batch of these coaches with diagonal mesh above the waist high solid sides. The coaches are still running on the Vale of Rheidol today with slight modification . A row of 12 tram style reversible seats down one side of the coach is complemented by a row of small folding seats on the other side. Ends are planked with a pair of windows. Mahogany sides with white metal detail and plywood floor. Kit includes wooden roofing support poles, brake pipe, reversible planked interior seating and curtains.
KIT REQUIRES 2 x PERFECT WORLD WHEELSETS: 32mm Gauge PWW32 or 45mm Gauge PWW45..
Dimensions: 522mm Long 120mm Wide 138mm High
Prices: Kit VR11K £190.00 RTR Painted Brown and Cream VR11P £480.00